In the late 90’s and early into the turn of the century Vince Monsigneur found himself frustrated by the lack of flexibility and availability of quality training on gas equipment/appliances and installations in the gas sector. It was his dream to create and establish a training company that met the needs of industry and government to provide quality education to the trades and professionals working in the gas sector. It was also apparent that current educational institutions curriculums and resources were in some instances not up to date with local and international legislative and technological advancements due to funding and resource shortages. This had an impact on the safety of the general community.


From its small beginnings Gastrain has grown significantly in size. This has come through a continued focus on providing the highest standards and quality in teaching and training. Gastrain now employs over 10 gas training specialists Australia-wide. These training specialists are continually updating their qualifications and knowledge. Gas is a highly dangerous Hydro-carbon and anyone involved with its use needs to be aware of its danger and the requirements needed to handle it safely.

Looking Ahead

Due to the global requirement for cleaner emissions the gas sector internationally has grown and consequently the demand has increased for highly skilled trades. Greater access to quality education in this sector is therefore paramount, so the need to further develop staff and introduce new staff with the right skill sets is critical to the business model. The benefits to industry and government to have highly educated trainers and consultants will help maintain a high level of safety in the expanding gas sector.

Executive Summary

Gastrain’s reputation has enabled us to provide regular training and support services to state based governments and licensing bodies. As a training provider to the state bodies we have been audited by them ensuring that our training is performed to the highest standard.

Major customers to whom we provide regular training include BHP Billiton, Glencore Copper, Incitec Pivot, Nystar, Liberty Primary Steel, various Origin Energy sites, APA Mount Isa, Jemena, Clarke Energy, Kimberly Clark, Energy Development, Opal  and various power stations including Torrens Island in SA and Loy Yang in Vic.

The continuous development of staff and improvement of our processes are paramount for our continued success. Managing director, Vince Monsigneur belongs to the Australian Standards working group to assist and provide expertise in upgrading the current Industrial Australian standard and Qld Government stakeholders group.

Our main form of marketing is through “word of mouth”. Quite simply we are passionate about what we do, we strive for continuous improvement and have a reputation with industry and government regulators for providing quality in our training business.

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