Type B Gas Appliances Customised Course/s

Course Overview

This course provides the knowledge and skills for companies who have staff employed to maintain Industrial gas fired appliances such as boilers, gas engines turbines and other gas fired process equipment. These courses are tailor made for companies who would typically have a site Safety Management plan or site Safety Case. Local legislative requirements are incorporated in training in consultation with state/territory regulators where required.

Course structure

Typically, the course duration is for five (5) days for maintainers and two (2) days for operators. This may vary dependant on the complexity of the appliances and site gas system. On request we will design the course specifically for maintaining and fault finding of your gas system and/or appliance/s. The theoretical component of this training can be delivered via video link. (usually two to three days).

What Skills Will You Gain?

The skills and knowledge to install, test, adjust, commission and service. This includes:

  • Isolations of gas system
  • Purging with inert gas
  • Gas tightness testing/pressure testing
  • Measuring and adjusting air and fuel flow rates and pressures.
  • Analysis of combustion samples.
  • Calculating pre-purge times, start gas and ventilation requirements.
  • Fault finding and rectification on breakdowns etc.
  • Understand the legislative requirements and documentation for compliance.

Resource Requirements

Australian Standards are required for this course.

  • AS1375 – 2013 Industrial Fuel Fired Appliances (not required for operators’ courses)
  • AS/NZ5601 – 2013 Gas Installations
  • AS3814 – 2018 Industrial and Commercial Gas Appliances


This provides the company the opportunity to meet legislative requirements required by the state or territory for employees operating or maintaining their gas system.